Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Deed....

The smile on your face
is so sweet that it beats the 
heat of midday sun.


  1. Such innocence. Hope you can visit my blog and see whether you like to follow each other.

  2. oh monsoon I left my comment here the other day..maybe it didn't pass through..

    anyway I said your haiku is so perfect for the image you have chosen.. and the little cute girl did make me smile today..passing by again ;)

  3. What a sweet thought! True innocence can be such a blessing.


  4. Hello everyone.. hope u're all doing just great! & thanks alot for visiting my site, & i appreciate for the comments ♥ .

    @Paps & Mara,
    Hi, Welcome to my blog :-) [:-)] .. thankx dearies, thats so sweet of u..
    Paps, ofcoz i will visit :-) .

    @sie, oh dear dnt worry its ok..anyway i'm glad it makes u smile ♥ ..btw i just stole it somwhr, lol..actually i just love sharing those thoughts;-)

    ...Have a nice day everyone !